We’re here to change the way people think about their dreams

We are MoreTo. We believe that goals are made to be attained, dreams are made to be realized, and that everyone deserves to reach their full potential. Sometimes all we need is a push in the right direction.
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Who is MoreTo?

years experience building businesses
hours of interviews with aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers
years of experience creating products that support learning and goal-setting
great co-founders
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Vincent Ma
Vincent has been building and scaling businesses for close to 14 years. He has built several consumer banks, fintechs and marketplaces. Building businesses is what he loves, his key expertise is exhibited by his roles as a banking executive, strategy consultant and startup CEO. Additionally, he has been a regular guest lecturer on entrepreneurship for Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Bocconi University MBA and Executive MBA cohorts.
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Samantha Lim
Samantha has over 13 years of experience in designing and developing products and services across a wide range of sectors for consumers and small businesses. She utilises a human-centred design approach to uncover unmet needs and construct future-state journeys to transform experiences from good to great. She also brings her expertise in Psychology to define the processes to support learning and goal achievement.
Portrait of Michael Fialik
looking straight at the camera.
Michael Fialik
Michael has engineering experience for more than 20 years. He spent the last 15 years with starting and growing startups across different industries, such as AdTech, FinTech and the area of machine learning, in a B2C and B2B context. Michael believes in agile methodologies and self-managing teams.
Today, MoreTo is a team of experienced entrepreneurs, psychologists, data scientists, and engineers, all dedicated to helping people around the world make their dreams a reality.
Since launch, we’ve worked continuously to improve our data models, frameworks, and the AI that powers them. We continue to be dedicated to furthering our understanding of business, finance, real estate, psychology, and, well, life.
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We at MoreTo are privileged to partner with some of the most inspiring businesses around. What a dream!

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