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Start a business
Shortcut your research process
Develop your rough ideas into a clear business idea
Validate your idea early
Create a business plan
Secure funding
Get help for licensing and permits
Set up your business location
Create branding and set up digital channels
Marketing and find customers
Prepare for launch

MoreTo works with any industry

MoreTo gives you everything you need to achieve your business dream

MoreTo gives you everything you need to achieve your business dream

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Get a personalized Action Plan in minutes

MoreTo's founders augmented more than 50 years of human expertise with a custom-built AI to generate step-by-step instructions to achieving your dream.
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Stop dreaming. Start doing

Each Action Plan is personalized to your specific needs and includes tips from experts and links to relevant resources.
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Save months of research

Don’t get lost in the details. MoreTo’s Action Plans lay out requirements, budgets, and milestones in plain English.

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MoreTo draws on expertise from

Your dreams are safe with us

MoreTo makes money through our partnerships, not by selling your data. You control who can access the information that you share with us.

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Your data belongs to you. MoreTo is compliant with European GDPR data privacy guidelines as well as the Californian Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
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Secure Encryption

All data we process, transfer, and store is securely encrypted.
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No data sharing

You share your data with us and only us. We won’t share your data with any 3rd parties without your express consent.
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Secure Intellectual Property

MoreTo takes your intellectual property seriously. We never share your IP, period. You have full control. When you delete something, it’s gone.

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